President’s Message

President’s Message – January 2021

The Survey Says….

Soon you will be asked to complete the annual NC Chapter Member Feedback Survey. Unlike many opinion polls, we really do want and need to know what you think of and want from your NC ASSP Chapter.

Every year we learn many things from this survey that we use to shape the services we try to provide.  Most of the Technical Meeting Topics come directly from these surveys.  Admittedly 2020 and 2021 have had some non-survey driven topics about the Covid-19 issue.  We felt the need to adjust to that important changing unpredictable event.  The majority have however still been in line with feedback given in early 2020.

Consider this Chapter Survey to be your opportunity to vote for things you would like to see continue or change with our chapter.  Keep an eye on your email form the chapter and take the time to let us know how to better meet your needs.  In doing so improve our collective efforts to keep people from being hurt.

It is also a great time to take a look at your member profile.  The information in your profile is used for many ASSP related issues.  For instance, we use this information to know where to send the Annual Feedback Survey, monitor membership milestones, target geographic and industry areas that might need more attention.

Our members are the life blood of our professional organization.  If you know other safety professionals that are not yet members, please talk to them and suggest they give our chapter a look.  There is no better time to invite your friends, colleagues, and associates to ASSP than now that we have an ongoing Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Program.  The more of you r friends you get to join ASSP as Full members, the more you get rewarded in prizes.  For more details, please check out the… Member Get a Member Offer | ASSP

If you are working on getting your CSP.  NCDOT will begin offering study sessions for the CSP Examination starting in January 2021.The prep sessions can be tailored to specific needs or a general review. Please contact Mike Heminuk at or via phone at 919-814-4904.

If you have had an important achievement or milestone let us know.  Published a paper, won an award let us know and we will get it up on our web page. Perhaps even be next month’s Safety Professional Member Spotlight.  Check it out…. Member Spotlight – ASSP North Carolina Chapter

Length of Service Recognition Awards – NC ASSP Chapter

45 Years of Service: Edward Moore, Albert Weaver, Philip Ulmer

25 Years of Service: David Meister, David Machles, Don Buckman, Frank Haag, Gerald Hodge, John Tassitino, Christopher Lott

15 Years of Service: Chad Schilling, Douglas Arndt, Jeffrey Hanson, Jeffrey Huneycutt, Jose Granillo, Lisa Foster-Morrow, Simon Tanner

5 Years of Service: Christopher Hinson, Daniel Gilleski, Darren Deonarine, Garnett Blackburn, Julio Delgadillo, Kelley Brown, Marc Bitner, Marcus Ingram, Ogaga Tebehaevu, Steven Strokis, Trevor Barrick, Tyler Nelson

Other benefits I would like to bring attention to in this month’s Message. 

  • Don’t forget that we have a Job Opening and Resume Posting spot on the webpage.  If you are look for a job or need one to be filled check it out.  The more people that use it the more valuable it will be. Under the Jobs tab at the ASSP North Carolina Chapter – American Society of Safety Professionals page
  • We also have a spot for Consultants to post their business and services.  We also think this is an important service for Safety Professionals that might be looking for those support services.  If you are a consultant or know one you think does a good job, please get the information on the tab.  It does carry a small fee ($50/yr.) but is well worth the exposure to 400+ other safety professionals.

Thank you for choosing to be a safety professional.  The work is hard work but so important and rewarding.

Please do me a favor.  I am interested in getting a feel for how many people read this monthly document.   Please just send an email … …letting me know you read this month’s President’s message.  If you want to provide comments or suggestions, I would appreciate that also.

Best Regards;

Patrick Ragan, MBA, CSP


President’s Message – October 2020

Enough already!

Many of us are to that near breaking point with the stresses of an ongoing Covid-19 virus, resulting restrictions, nontraditional working conditions, a hotly contested divisive election, and all the normal personal issues we all have.  Some days the pile just seems to be too deep and too constant.  Don’t feel alone.

Having said that, I want to remind you that of the many crucial roles in helping our companies, the employees we serve and ourselves get through this and come back to normal safely we as safety professionals need to show leadership and forethought in making this happen.  Why do I say this? Who else will remind our organizations:

  • That workers that have been off for weeks or months need refresher training on safety aspects of their jobs,
  • In some cases where physical effort is requires for their work physical capability evaluations and conditioning (work hardening) may be necessary.
  • Ergonomics concerns will need to be addressed before that first shift on the job.
  • Safely restarting some process or equipment is not just turning on a switch and specific process and procedures must be reviewed prior to doing this work.
  • Reminding people to watch out for one another. It is easy to imagine above normal distractions and personal life distractions that increase incidents that are caused not remembering to put on PPE, forgetting to reset an interlock, not properly completing a LOTO or confined space entry permit.
  • Being aware that employees that have been struggling with the stress of being concerned about their livelihood being disrupted in some cases might have developed substance abuse habits that impact their ability to do their jobs safely.

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President’s Message – September 2020

Hi, my name is Pat Ragan and I have the honor of being the NC ASSP Chapter President for the coming chapter year. I very much appreciate the confidence placed in me and will do my best to maintain the excellent history of our chapter.

I am incredibly happy that one of my first actions is to announce that our chapter has, for the 4th consecutive year, achieved the Platinum level recognition for NC Chapter Operations Management Tool.  Below is the communication received from Arielle Semmel Sr. Manager Communities confirming our success.

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President’s Message – March 2020

We have been having a very successful Chapter year, with great participation of our members and offering valuable presentations at our monthly technical meetings.  This month we feature Debra Lord speaking on “Roadblocks on Return to Work and How to Avoid” with information on Post-offer employment testing, Fit for Duty testing, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE); work conditioning, ergonomic assessments and job analyses (physical demands analyses).

In April we will have LaMont Smith, Recognition Program Manager, NC Department of Labor, Bureau of Consultative Service speaking on the Carolina Star Program.  Join us to hear how this program can help your organization to achieve improved safety performance!

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President’s Message – January 2020

Thanks go to everyone that contributed to our Chapter collection for the Toys for Tots drive. The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community.  The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. With the funds our Chapter members contributed and Chapter matching of $250, we were able to purchase 33 bike helmets for children to receive as Christmas gifts. Our Past President Jon Wallace (shown on the left below) purchased them and took them to the collection point at the Fleet Feet store in Carrboro.

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