Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

The American Society of Safety Professionals is a community of dedicated members who lead, manage, supervise, research and consult on safety around the world.  The executive committee for the North Carolina chapter is made up of working professionals just like yourself that are willing to volunteer their time for the advancement of the occupational safety and health profession.  There are numerous ways in which you can provide support, below are job descriptions of defined roles within the chapter.  If you have another talent that you would like to volunteer, that is great too, we are more than willing to welcome your help.


Purpose: The chapter president provides direction and support to create a meaningful and high-quality experience for chapter members.  Download Full Version

President-Elect/Vice President

Purpose: The chapter president-elect/vice president assists the chapter president in providing direction and support to the chapter to create a meaningful and high-quality experience for chapter members.  Download Full Version


Purpose: The chapter secretary ensures the chapter’s ability to provide continuity of a quality member experience by maintaining the chapter’s historical records.  Download Full Version


Purpose: The chapter treasurer ensures the chapter’s financial ability to serve its members. This volunteer leader manages chapter resources and funds, maintains and updates the chapter’s financial records, and provides leadership in financial responsibility and fund allocation.  Download Full Version

Advisory Group Member

Purpose: The Advisory Group is a standing committee of the ASSP Board of Directors. As a standing committee, the Advisory Group will be responsible for monitoring trends impacting workplace safety and the profession. They will use this information to recommend courses of action to the Board of Directors. Download Full Version

Awards & Honors Chair

Purpose: The chapter awards and honors chair supports member engagement by ensuring that chapter members are recognized for their contributions to the chapter, ASSP and the safety profession.  Download Full Version

Communications Chair

Purpose: The chapter communications chair facilitates the flow of information between the chapter Executive Committee and the chapter membership, and ensures that members have access to timely and relevant information about the chapter, ASSP and local OSH issues.  Download Full Version

Membership Chair

Purpose: The chapter membership chair is responsible for monitoring and growing the chapter’s membership by coordinating the chapter’s member recruitment, orientation and retention efforts. This volunteer leader works with the chapter’s executive committee to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance the experience for existing and future chapter members.  Download Full Version

Nominations & Elections Chair

Purpose: The chapter nominations and elections chair ensures the chapter’s sustainability by recruiting future leaders from among chapter members. This volunteer leader engages all chapter officers to develop and execute a strong succession plan for the chapter.  Download Full Version

Professional Development Conference Chair

Purpose: The professional development conference (PDC) chair ensures the delivery of a high-quality PDC to help chapter members reach the highest level of performance. This volunteer leader’s primary responsibility rests with the coordination and development of the chapter’s PDC.  Download Full Version

Program Chair

Purpose: The chapter program chair works with the chapter’s executive committee to ensure that chapter programming meets the needs of the chapter’s membership. This includes ensuring that the chapter fulfills its charter requirements of hosting four technical meetings annually and may include coordinating additional programming offered by the chapter.  Download Full Version

Section/Student Affairs Chair (as applicable)

Purpose: The chapter section/student affairs chair ensures that members of the chapter’s sections and student sections are informed of chapter business and that their needs and interests are represented within the chapter’s executive committee.  Download Full Version

Foundation Liaison

Purpose: The chapter foundation liaison ensures that chapter members are aware of opportunities available through the ASSP Foundation and facilitates members’ participation in these opportunities.  Download Full Version

Government Affairs Chair

Purpose: The chapter government affairs chair serves as liaison between chapter members and ASSP’s national government affairs efforts.  Download Full Version

Purpose: The chapter jobs chair provides chapter members with information and resources to aid in their job searches and career development.  Download Full Version