Student Section

Student Section Membership Benefits

ASSP members often attend student section meetings and vice versa. This provides a link between employers and perspective employees.  Becoming a member of the student section benefits you in:

  • Membership in a professional organization
  • Interaction with other students with similar interests
  • Job availability announcements – ASSP Online Community offers a Career Center which lists job opportunities.  Also offers mentoring services provided by professionals.
  • Scholarships – ASSP, the Foundation and many Chapter sponsor scholarship programs involving student sections.  The Foundation also sponsors research grants
  • Conferences – ASSP sponsored conferences and seminars are available to members of Student Sections at a reduced rate.

ASSP Foundation

The American Society of Safety Professionals Foundation, established by and in partnership with the American Society of Safety Professionals, generated funding and provides resources for scholarship, applied research, academic accreditation and related academic initiatives in order to advance the safety, health and environmental profession. The Foundation currently supports these initiatives:

  • Fostering Future Safety and Health Professionals – Award Scholarships, internships and fellowships to students and faculty pursuing safety and health studies in accredited college and university degree programs.
  • Conducted Applied Safety Research – Support safety and health research initiatives and publish findings that advance accident and illness prevention.
  • Expanding Accreditation of Safety and Health Curriculum – Provide funding and direction to colleges and universities with safety degree programs seeking ASSP/ABET accreditation.

ECU Student Section

The mission of the ECU Students Section is to function within the purview of the ASSP.  In line with the goal of the American Society of Safety Professionals, the Students Section is designed for students who are pursuing a career in the Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) fields.  It also seeks to provide additional opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen areas of study, as well as promote interaction between students and safety professionals.