Update: Habitat for Humanity PPE Drive

Jun 27, 2018

Thank you to all who donated PPE and/or money towards our Habitat for Humanity of Wake County PPE campaign!  We are pleased to report that we collected $270 for Habitat Wake, which was matched by our chapter, for a total of $540.

We were able to purchase 30 hard hats (white, blue, green) with the Habitat logo and 30 pairs of safety glasses.  Other donated items included: hi-visibility vests and an assortment of gloves.  The purchased items were from Northern Safety, who waived shipping costs for our purpose.   As reported in their 2017 annual report, Habitat Wake increased the number of new homes built by 20 percent in 2016-2017.  They rank 2nd in new homes built among the 1,264 U.S. affiliates. Each Habitat Wake homeowner family invests 200 hours of sweat equity building their home and the homes of their neighbors. Other 2017 Habitat Wake highlights: 57 new homes building 48 homes repaired 105 families served locally 101 families served globally 18,500 volunteers engaged.

Goal = $500
Total Donated = $540