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October 19, 2020



October 2020 Issue Just Released: The Archives of Safety and Health, Volume 3, Number 4

The main publication of the Safety and Health Historical Society is a quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health. The October 2020 issue (Volume 3, Number 4) contains articles for people engaged in and interested in safety and health history related to their practice. Key articles cover:

  • 1918 EXPLOSION AT MORGAN, NEW JERSEY In 1918 Morgan, NJ welcomed a newly constructed shell loading plant covering more than 3 square miles of land and employing 6000 workers. On the evening of October 4 one production facility exploded and led to a three-day nightmare. Today, the plant and event that impacted hundreds is essentially lost in history.
  • WHAT IS BARBER’S ITCH? For many decades a disease of the barbering business was “barber’s itch.” Known by a variety of names, this skin disorder was most often transmitted between customers via the barber’s towel and tools. Self shaving and sanitation improvements that came about when states began licensing barbers nearly eliminated this disorder.
  • HISTORY OF THE STEEL TOE SHOE How did shoe manufacturers begin to offer protection of toes from falling objects and other forces? This article traces the history of steel toe shoes and boots.
  • MEET RALPH NADER One of the individuals who gave national attention to designing safety into automobiles was Ralph Nader. His book in 1965, Unsafe at Any Speed, caused the auto manufacturers to balance safety with styling and significantly improve protection of drivers and occupants. His efforts led to creation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1966 that oversees vehicle safety standards.

Book Review: History of Occupational Health and Safety, Michelle Follette Turk

1943 Department of Labor: Lifting Guide

SHHS Publications

  • The main publication of SHHS is a quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health. All participating individuals, organizations and libraries receive the quarter journal.
  • SHHS is also beginning a series of Marquee Publications that are book-length publications that provide some detailed information on topics in safety and health history, but are shorter in length than a typical 250 page or longer book. The first Marquee Publication is an 80-page booklet: Paying the Price – A Safety and Health Look at the Radium Story. It follows radium from discovery through mining, production, medical uses, the many radium products offered to the public, radium dial painting, radium diseases, emerging safety and health standards, and Superfund cleanup projects. The Marquee Publication series may include many other topics, such as sanitation in housing and the workplace, the lack of English speaking and reading in the workplace, ventilation development, record keeping development, historically emerging safety and health standards for public, workplace and product hazards. SHHS seeks your suggestions for Marquee Publications.

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Chapters of safety and health professional societies can participate as “Contributors” of SHHS. Visit the SHHS web site: and click on “JOIN.” In the list of options, there is an option for “organization chapters.” The annual fee is $250. A chapter must appoint a contact person for the account. The contact person may be an officer or someone else. Key benefits include:

  • Receives the quarterly journal of SHHS, The Archives of Safety and Health.
  • Listed on the SHHS web site as a “contributor organization.
  • Fees are tax deductible, since SHHS is an IRS educational and charitable organization (501c3).

A major benefit for members is making a commitment to preserving and communicating S&H history!

THANK YOU to Chapters of Safety and Health Organizations!

  • Once again SHHS thanks those chapters of safety and health national organizations that have included information about SHHS and The Archives of Safety and Health in their newsletters. It is one way to provide a service to members by building their knowledge of the history of safety and health and lessons learned from the past.
  • Some chapters have included SHHS on their websites as part of a list of safety and health related organizations. That is a very simple way to help members learn about SHHS and its contributions to practice.

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