Membership Spotlight: December 2019


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On review of our chapter membership roster, more than 440 members, we found 16 were remote (Non-North Carolina) members, maintaining their membership from various other states in the United States and internationally. Certainly, some of these members just need to update their member information but we reached out to the most remote member, some 3,800 miles away, in England to ask why he maintained a North Carolina membership. Mr. Trevor Miller in Benton England turned out to have an interesting history and practical purpose for holding a NC Chapter membership. Given his safety career path and having the distinction of being our most remote member we selected him as our December 2019 SPOTLIGHT Member. See his complete Bio below.Another remote member had actually moved back to the Raleigh area and not updated his member data. He reached out and told us he was glad we contacted him because he was wondering how to get more involved with our chapter. These are just a couple of examples of our rich and diverse roster of members. If you are or know of another chapter member that you believe would like to be SPOTLIGHTED on our webpage, including those closer to home, please let our Chapter President, Kim Blatz, know so we can contact them for consideration for this monthly recognition.

Mr. Miller’s safety career story:

How I became a Health and Safety Professional

On completing my academic education, I was employed as an Apprentice Mechanical Engineer and it was only working as a fulltime mechanical engineer that Health and Safety became of importance to me. It was in my recognising that health & safety played a part in all aspects of working lives especially in Engineering In fact Engineering and Health and Safety go hand in hand and during my career I have been involved in several aspects of design consideration and validation to achieve safe operations.

It was not until I was employed as an Industrial Services Manager for British Die Casting and Engineering Ltd (BDC) that the full extent and the reasons for my interest in Health and Safety really hit home. In addition to my Management role I was given the responsibility for Health and Safety in a company whereby more emphasis was placed on production than consideration for Health and Safety which was not a high priority although the Management wanted to be seen to have Health and Safety in place but were unwilling to enforce the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or any of the new regulations due to production pressures.

There were two incidents that changed my outlook to Health and Safety, and it became a very important subject to me. The first accident was as a result of the use of a forklift truck with a 7-ton capacity to move a 20-ton power press to a different location. During this operation an electrician employed by the company was on his knees removing the electrical connections. The large press while being loaded on to the forks of the fork life truck fell over on to its side, the result was the electrician was badly hurt with life changing injuries.

The accident could have resulted in the electrician’s death but fortunately the jaws of the press fell either side of him.