2019-2020 Executive Committee Nominees

The chapter year for ASSP spans from July 1st to the following June 30th.  Each year we recruit volunteers to help support the executive committee for the North Carolina chapter.  These volunteers put in a tremendous effort to offer monthly technical meetings, community activities, and conduct the necessary chapter business to sustain our chapter and support our great Society.  We have assembled the slate of candidates for the 2019-2020 chapter year.  Our membership is entitled to a 30-day notice prior to voting on the slate of candidates.  Please see below your slate of safety professionals who have volunteered their time to serve as members of the executive committee for the North Carolina chapter.

  • President
    Kim Blatz, MEng, CRSP, CPEA

  • President-Elect
    Amanda Davis, CSP

  • Secretary
    Matt Machles

  • Treasurer
    Jay Sprankle, CSP

  • Delegate 1
    Jon Wallace, MBA, CSP

  • Delegate 2
    Christopher S. Hinson, CIH, CSP, CHMM

  • Program Chair
    Patrick Ragan, MBA, CSP

  • Membership Chair
    John Cala, MS

  • Government Affairs Chair
    Robin Barfield, SMS, CESCO, MESH,

  • Chapter Awards & Honors
    Alicia Mitchell, CSP, CHMM

  • Student Affairs Chair
    Mike Behm, PhD, CSP

  • Academic Recruiting Chair 1
    Jarvis Gray, MS

  • Academic Recruiting Chair 2
    Ogaga Tebehaevu, MS, CSP

  • Social Communications Char
    Bryce Lawlor, ASP

  • Website Coordinator
    Christopher S. Hinson, CIH, CSP, CHMM

  • Nomination Chair
    Jon Wallace, MBA, CSP